I found Powell's speech before

I found Powell’s speech before the U.N. today relatively convincing. Two things scare the daylights out of me, however. One: if the evidence that Powell provided today (supposedly the very best evidence of Iraq’s denials that U.S. intelligence can muster) is the very best evidence we can muster, U.S. intelligence is probaby way in the dark about a lot of other plans around the world for war and terror. What about all the other phone calls, emails, and photographs that the intelligence community sucks in every day? Are they being warehoused on some database somewhere? Second, and more realistically, if Saddam really has tons and tons of warfare agents around, I worry seriously about our (and other nations’) troops in Iraq. You’d think that Powell, a soldier himself, would at least make mention of the horrendous dangers that might accompany any forward war.