I spent about 10 hours

I spent about 10 hours today converting all of my contact information, emails, and other miscellaneous and extraneous info to Entourage for OS X. I was increasingly tired of Apple’s Mail program, which was slow, sometimes difficult to configure and customize, and provided little scripting support. Plus Mail does not really support a robust Address Book program, which Entourage does.
I’m glad I made the move, though the real work was combing through about 8 years worth of contacts (930 to be exact), and removing duplicates and old data. It was a job, but I’m actually looking forward to sending and receiving emails again, and I’ve set up a good Junk mail system to get rid of the tremendous amount of spam I have been receiving. Entourage now synchs nicely with my Palm IIIx and it’s quite nice having all the same information in one app – plus it functions with Word now in an almost seamless way. Ahhh, Microsoft technology. (One cool thing: if you don’t want to buy Office v. X, you can get Entourage for a worthwhile $99.)