I've never been a huge

I’ve never been a huge fan of Salon.com (I remember when it was SalonMagazine.com, in fact), but as of a few weeks ago, they’ve started an innovative, though annoying and cloying, new way to view their content. To read their prime pulp, you can subscribe for “5 cents per day” or you can watch a not-very-well-produced multi-page ad for some oddball company (like today’s The Well). And then you can receive a free day-pass to their magazine (you have 18 hours to be exact). I’m very curious to see what happens with this model — Salon and its “competitor” Slate have tried many revenue models previously. David Talbot, editor of Salon.com, describes the situ here. Though forced-ad watching is ridiculous and sits too well with the Orwellian nightmare we’re all starting to live, at least I can judge whether “premium” content is worth my nickel-plus a day.