Everyone's talkin' about Seth Godin's

Everyone’s talkin’ about Seth Godin’s new book Purple Cow, which I only read parts of and which will be delivered to me momentarily by a pleasant man in a truck. I’m not sure if it’s all that, but I do know that if you buy the book before Thursday, May 15th, Seth will send you the PDF free — just go to Seth’s Blog to find out more. I’m all for free PDFs but here’s what one might do with that cool document once he sends it to you (with apologies to the Surrealists who are increasingly on everyone’s mind as well these days):
1. Use Acrobat to cut it up into 120 individual pages and send it back to him in 120 emails.
2. Read it straight through and be the first person to ever read 120 pages on a monitor in on sitting.
3. Follow his advice and get rich.
4. Sell it on eBay, which is not cool in any way at all.
5. Change every instance of “cow” to “woc” and see where you end up.