For some reason, I've had

For some reason, I’ve had lots of recent success at selling my old books and CDs that I no longer want, read, or ogle. It’s not a matter of making money on these “old” objects (which, like “old” Europe, are still quite valuable), but I feel in some way that I’m recycling the object itself, making up for its inherent value as I (obviously could not live up to it. The service I’m using is, well,’s Marketplace, which is very easy to set up and can even automate many selling and transaction tasks. It’s a fine system, and I’m making some good subway fare cash, but I’m also quite aware of the inherent sadness of sending away the objects that I desired so strongly — that old Lou Reed album, the Dreamweaver 4 book, the Dinosaur Jr. CD that I can no longer allow to enter the stereo system for fear of becoming 24 again.