I certainly don't mean to

I certainly don’t mean to be an apologist for Mr. Bush, though that is what it sounds like, perhaps, in the posting below. Rather, I really believe that Mr. Bush and his strategists have their finger on history in a way that the Democrats have totally abandoned—what do the Democrats stand for in the context of their social experiments, cultural gravitas, and general disgruntlement with their own kind? Do the Dems still believe in the social contract, in a humane society replete with healthcare for all and strong employment? It’s not clear and unless they change their too subtle political ways and means, Mr. Bush will have four more years to work his magic.
Underlining all of this, for me, is that Bush and Friends know how to use (or misuse) history for their own ends (e.g. Bush on the flight deck, Bush at Auschwitz, Bush as Ike) in ways that runs circles around the well-meaning but semiotically inept Democrats.