Sometimes there are days when

Sometimes there are days when everything happens at once. Today was let’s-change-everything-computer-wise-on-Andrew-day-and-see-what-happens.
11:00 AM. I started loading my new G4 with lots of RAM and hard drive space with my applications. So far so good.
12:30 PM. I find talk in one of the bulletin boards that Safari has been upgraded from Beta to Gold (which is long for Go?). I’ve been waiting and hoping for this and it’s true.
12:40 PM. The new Safari browser that I just downloaded takes me to the Apple website homepage, which shows that the company just released its G5 computer, making my brand new G4 fundamentally obsolete. Plus, I wasted money, time, and energy on this old computer, which runs spectacularly, by the way.
1:30 PM. I can’t easily restart the new G4 because it doesn’t have a nice, little Power On/Off button in the middle of the keyboard. I’m pretty sure that the sleek new G5 has a keyboard bellybutton.
11:15 PM. After continuing to load my apps on the G4, I feel a need to post something on Deckchairs — a need borne by desire. And Blogger Pro looks different, strange even. It has an entirely new interface and I’m not sure if I’m just looking at it oddly in Safari, I’m on some kind of new G4 medication, or Apple has done a new number on me.