I recently took a business

I recently took a business development course offered by The Hendrickson Group, for whom I’ve also done some work, and one of the most salient pieces of knowledge I gained was this: “If it’s not on your schedule, it does not happen.” This is so ridiculously basic, so simple, and so obvious that I have a hard time admitting its truth. But I received the group’s newsletter, called True North, today and here’s what Lisa Hendrickson had to say:
You are your schedule.You may be shocked when I say this but I believe
it is true. So many of us have heard that we are human beings not
human doings but I would like to propose an interesting thought: That
we are, in fact, our schedules and that is essentially, our doings.
Don’t freak out. I know you all have been working at expressing your
highest self, your being-ness so to speak. Here’s the logic behind the
thought? You are your schedule: I believe that doing and being are
inextricably linked together. One cannot exist without the other. We
gain our doings from our being, our being is characterized as what we
imagine for ourselves, our intentions, who and what we say we are out in
the world and for ourselves. Our being gives rise to our actions
(doing). Our actions then inform our being of the next opportunities,
the next way of being.