Our friend Russ is planning coming to town in a few weeks – he’s an excellent photographer who wants to actually sit down with me and build a Flash website for his work. He’ll be here in a few weeks.
So will, hopefully, a new RSS feed for Deckchairs, which I now feel deserves to literally come out of the box. There are so many very good sites on RSS, which allows you to publish your information to syndicated content aggregators and, more interestingly, allows folks to see your content by just typing in a few words or downloads channels of information for you automatically. It’s not for the information faint-of-heart, RSS, but it’s another way to tell people what you do or don’t think.
In other news, I’ve had a strong hankering to own the domain name The folks that own it say they develop websites and provide hosting, but doesn’t “idontknow” seem a like a poor name for a consultancy?