There comes a time in

There comes a time in every person’s life when they want to send people to a website but hate typing in long, long, addresses, like or something like that. I learned today of a few serious, but simple services (these are usually the best kind on the Web (e.g. Google) that will convert that monster into a tiny little Web address. General information on these URL generators can be found here but the one that seems most useful and smart is TinyURL a free service. It’s good for making affiliate links, such as those posted here at Deckchairs to books, music, and videos sold at, unknowable and making the Web, a little more, well discrete.
Theoretically, TinyURL is essentially an address masking service, allowing users to (permanently, because the new URL sticks around forever) hide the links they really want to post. I’m not sure I yet fully understand the potential implications for spammers and other Interschmucks with such a service but there are many legal and ethical rationales for NOT wanting to employ TinyURL. Here’s how to contact me with your thoughts.