I picked up the new Strokes album and I’m disappointed. Not in the Strokes or in the music or in the originality of the tunes but in myself. See, I downloaded the album from Apple’s iTunes which I thought was the coolest thing since swiss bread, as I was dying to get my hands on the album and there’s nothing like getting it over the Net legally. But here’s the problem: I miss the album art. Sure, the music art’s gotten smaller and smaller over the past ten years – from LP to casssette to CD to a small icon in the bottom left of your MP3 player tray on your desktop. But I really want to see what they come up with visually to complement the album. I want to know what array of visual arcania the Strokes decided to put together to help us make sense of the tunes and they’re connection to us. And I won’t have that chance as the album is now burned on a boring, plain, 50-cent Sony CD-ROM, which, I might say, sounds quite delicious.

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