I’m anxiously (or is it eagerly) awaiting the first delivery of our odd FreshDirect order. I find the whole thing of shopping for produce and other food online both clearly disruptive and sadly seductive. Here are my questions to myself, as I wait the free, tip-less delivery:
– What does it mean that I’d rather tap out this missive rather than squeeze the grapefruit, smell the fresh cinnamon, or sample the cheese?
– Why don’t any of the supermarkets around here allow you to squeeze the grapefruit, stock fresh cinnamon, or sample cheeese?
– Is this one more abstraction away from the real and toward a denial of time-based, space-based pleasure? Is shopping online fulfilling or demeaning the pleasure of shopping generally?
– How is pleasure delineated on the FreshDirect website? Have they found a way to substitute the look and feel of food for the “look and feel” of a website?
– Will my actual diet be better off with FreshDirect and will the extra food we undoubtedly ordered go to waste?

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  1. Interesting. I was offended by this as well, but they’re rolling it out to all of Bklyn, no? Or all of Bklyn that spells it “Bklyn”? I mean, they can’t build new, functioning cold warehouses all over Brooklyn in 3 weeks, right. If I’m right, FreshDirect would be a huge private service to those not living in the “nice” part of the borough, which gets most of the city’s services.

  2. I hope this is appropriate to post here….
    My parked car was hit by a FRESH DIRECT truck on November 1st on 11th street in Park Slope. An eyewitness left a note; however, the truck fled the scene. The damage is pretty extensive and Fresh Direct is REFUSING to pay a penny. At the time when I called Fresh Direct, the head of transportation, Bill Connelly, told me I would have to be patient as he had 8 other accidents that needed his attention. (Are Fresh Direct trucks repeatedly hitting parked cars on residential streets?) Please know, I realize accidents DO happen. And wide trucks going down skinny streets are likely to scrape a few cars along the way, but that they REFUSE to pay for it is down-right wrong.
    I am reaching out to Park Slopers and anyone considering Fresh Direct and asking that you let Fresh Direct know what you think about their business practices and their sense (or lack thereof)of social responsibility. Let them know if this leads you to question whether you will buy from them and whether it affects the way you think of them and their policies.
    PLEASE consider FAXING, CALLING or EMAILING Fresh Direct – so that my lone voice (and the $1700 in damages) will not be drowned out.
    I have typed out a prototype of a letter which you can email or FAX (see below). (I think FAXING would be better as who knows who the emails go to. Of course, a call would be best. All THREE even better). And PLEASE forward this to everyone you know in or out of Park Slope. Maybe if Fresh Direct hears from enough people, they will step up and do the right thing.
    FAX to Bill Connelly (cc: John McTigue, VP of Transportation): 718-928-1050
    CALL: John McTigue, VP of Transportation, 718-928-1000
    Again, any help you can offer really can make a big difference. Below is a prototypical letter. Of course, the more you individualize it, the better, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible. Also, if you are not from Park Slope – let them know — they will see the word is spreading.
    Thank you SO MUCH, and please pass this around.
    Prototypical letter for FAX or EMAIL. Please individualize as much as you wish:
    Dear Fresh Direct (Mr. Connelly/Mr. McTigue):
    I heard about the incident that occurred in Park Slope on 11th Street and 7th Avenue on November 1st, in which a Fresh Direct Truck hit a parked car and fled the scene. I am disappointed to hear that your company is not paying for the damages rendered by your truck. I would have thought a company such as yours would have been more socially responsible.
    Though I was excited when I heard you were delivering to Park Slope, and even intended to try your services, I have now changed my mind. I would not want to do business with a company that does not take responsibility for its actions.

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