On Sunday, I ordered the new operating system offered by Apple (v. 10.3), called Panther. All the message boards and all the breathless technologists nearby (well, near enough) have agreed that this is the coolest thing since sliced Swiss cheese. The operating system has some flaws but it’s fun. I’m all for fun. But I’ll give the same reason that I voted “no” yesterday, against the idea of non-partisan elections, as I would for putting Panther on my box. Change is not always good, though I’m an advocate of change. The black and silver box came to me on Tuesday from California via UPS and I left the whole damn thing in its box.

4 thoughts on “Pant”

  1. Causation?
    What does your OS have to do with non-partisan elections? I think I’m missing something here.
    In any case, keep me posted on OS 10.3 – I’m on the fence as to whether I should invest or not…

  2. As long as you steer far far away from FileVault, then there should be no problems. I did an Archive & Install on my iMac (preserved everything for 2 users), and a clean Install on my PowerBook. No problems after I turned off FileVault.
    Fast book times, fast user switching is a godsend on the iMac, and Expose . . . well, enough has been already said about that.
    Unwrap that package!

  3. All I’m saying is that sometimes the best thing is to leave well enough alone. The elections in New York kept the city’s bi-partisan electoral life around and I’m wondering if I should do the same with the, albeit non-partisan, but well-oiled Jaguar.

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