Hand Hurts

It’s not what you think. I’ve been writing out by hand the addresses of all my clients, colleagues, friends, vendors, and other buddies on envelopes. I’m sending out a few hundred MANOVERBOARD 2004 Calendars (as I do every year now) and I should have produced a nice database for the project instead of tying my hand up in knots.
Alas, if you’d like to receive one of these beautiful calendars, please email me with your address and how many you’d like (under 3 per customer please) and I’ll send it out to you pronto.
Some observations:
1. People do not include their snail mail addresses on their website if they are sole proprietors. MANOVERBOARD doesn’t either, at least right now.
2. What does one call “snail mail addresses” without calling it that? What were they called before email?
3. I know that typing has played a “hand” in my hand hurting from writing.
4. Printed calendars are still very cool. If you’d like to send me yours, please use the above link. Thank you.

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