I watched the ball drop last night on television and then went to sleep. I felt absolutely little connection to the hoopla that was going on only about 7 miles from me in Times Square, which was strange in that I could barely feel the immense human energy and excitement emerging from the tube.
It’s not that I’m cynical or skeptical about New Year’s or that I have bad feelings about it. Afterall, I met my wife on New Year’s a number of years ago. But in listening to the fireworks going on overhead and the shouts of men beneath the window, I couldn’t figure out where the celebration was coming from. Were people happy to be alive another year? Were they simply drunk and happy? Or does the new year mark a happy moment for people who are ordinarily pretty happy?
Happy new year!

One thought on “Mad”

  1. Boy! This guy should go swimming at Coney Island next New Year’s Day–ya wanna feel some REAL human energy, it’s the place to be!

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