Safari's Panther

I bit the proverbial bullet, installed the new Panther on my G4 machine, and everything works well except:
1. Safari. I get nada. That sucks because I love Safari and I can’t find, for the life of me, a fix. The application opens but it’s as if there is no Web to connect with it’s little, beating heart.
2. Help Viewer. This sucks because when I need help from the desktop, there is none.
3. Internet Preferences. Can’t find it. Doesn’t exist. Where’d it go?
I guess I should be happy that things print, scan, and fonts work, thanks to Extensis. And the whole system works more speedily, apps loading quicker, and programs like Dreamweaver stalling very little now. But cheese and crackers, why is it so hard to solve these little app issues?

3 thoughts on “Safari's Panther”

  1. Yes, Flash 6 has always been problematic with Safari as the latter doesn’t always seem to recognize when a site is dedicated to Flash.
    RE: other browsers, I do use IE and Netscape, which is also a bit winky right now and I guess I’ll turn to Camino soon since that’s what a lot of folks have turned to. Part of the problem, according to the message boards, is that Apple, like Microsoft, has stupidly “bundled” its browser and mail apps with the operating system so that they all inhere. This is not good.
    I spoke with Mark, Apple technician in Bangalore, India, who suggested that I just create a new login profile and reload all my applications there and work from this new profile forever or until I buy a new G5, whatever comes first.

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