Very often you’ll read an article about how problematic Microsoft is with regard to customer service or usability and very often you’ll say, yes, but.
Yes, but this evening, I wanted to log on to my old Hotmail account and attempt to review an email I’m developing for a client. Granted, this email address has not been used in probably a year and a half. Granted, Microsoft has radically changed its “member services.”
But every time I tried to log in to either Hotmail, MSN, .Net, or Passport (all with different user names and passwords), I’d be sent to this beauty: Microsoft® .NET Passport: Not Supported. The HTML isn’t even supported in the page Title!
It’s a true embarrassment that a company as important as Microsoft has four different services for overlapping (albeit free) products and none of them will allow redundant user access. But more distressingly, none of the services will allow you to intelligently rectify the problem.

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