In no particular order, here are a few things that are different recently:

  • Because Poland, along with many other Slavic countries, are now part of the EU (which now comprises 458 million people), fonts and font usage is going to have to chance. Polish, in particular uses many different diatrics which I’ve always found very beautiful and initially confounding. has an updated page on this topic.
  • My big fat monitor, an Apple 20″ Cinema Display went wack-0 (sic) today but Apple was good about my returning it for repair.
  • My daughter has a number of new expressions, including: “This isn’t regular milk.”
  • I went through my change pile and sorted out the pennies from the non-copper items. Now I have two change piles.
  • I’m expecting to see Guy Maddin’s The Saddest Mustic in the World. This is considered a change because I do not see movies anymore.