Design Signs

Very interesting that after yesterday’s post about the paucity of online design group weblogs, I noticed that three features indicating that design itself is becoming an increasingly viable profession, a respected career, and a potentially lucrative job (well, let’s hope so).
They are: Today’s Op-Art piece in the Times by W. Michael Cox and Richard Alm called Opinion > Op-Chart: Where the Jobs Are” href=””>Where the Jobs Are (in case it’s gone, here’s the graphic from the piece); Fast Company’s cover story Masters of Design which I can’t read perhaps because it’s all about industrial design and you might not read perhaps because the magazine’s online content is limited to subscribers; finally Doug Bowman, the smartie of Stopdesign, has rebuilt with much fanfare and deserved kudos The new Blogger interface is quite luxe and is a tribute to the possibilities of our collective online future.

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