Indie Software

There are so many finely developed applications out there right now for OS X, I thought I would dedicate the next 7 posts to writing about 7 of them. These “little” applications, which do everything from finding appropriate news to determing web page colors, are self-developed and published and indicate the breadth and depth of software, interface design, and intellectual expertise out there.
Full disclosure: I download software. I use the downloaded software. If I use the software, I pay for it. As a design-freak, pseudo-artist and a collector, I like to own things and small amounts of money is what it takes to own good, independent software. Most people I know download music, fonts, apps, and other things with impunity and I don’t disparage their belief or habits. I also believe in open source software and the possibility of a free Web, uncontrolled by commercial or Government interests.

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