Passed Sites

I use a little app (more about an unsuccessful attempt at writing about small apps here) that keeps track of my dozens of passwords, identifications, and serial numbers as well as a host of other important information. The database storing this info is virtually uncrackable — using 448 bit encryption.
But in updating the software the other day and deleting old accounts from it today, I found the following websites had been acquired, changed hands, or just plain disappeared. It was odd to see sites that had been killed. Here are some of them:

  • Zine-X, formerly a site for e-zine folks and now
  • Let Em Know, formerly a contact management company, if I remember correctly
  • WebProsNow, formerly a clearinghouse for companies looking for Web designers

More updated info about passed sites can be found at Ghost Sites, which, too, will be blank one day.

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