Funny W.

I don’t by any means desire to turn this weblog into an all-politics-all-the-time affair. However, it seems only fair that if the RNC is attacking the credibility of Mr. Kerry, with Mr. Kerry refusing to fight back, sites like are doing their small share with funny movies (broadband connection desirable):

  1. Bush On Tribal Sovereignty
  2. Daily Show “advanced copy” RNC ad
  3. Bush on Gynecology
  4. Michael Moore on the RNC Convention (I saw this one on TV and it further solidified Mr. Moore’s humble hilarity in my small mind)

3 thoughts on “Funny W.”

  1. So where are you on the documents that Dan Rather *obviously* forged himself, with the knowlege of all those CBS News staff-attorneys?
    Shouldn’t the entire network go to jail for being part of the ‘liberal elite’?
    Just asking.
    “Wit’ us, or agin’ us…” – GW Bush

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