Future of Content Management on the Web

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I found the TiddlyWiki, thanks (again and again) to J. Kottke.
Play with this site. It allows you to easily modify any content on the site, add and delete posts and comments, and shows a potentially powerful, non-Flash, user-interface that is unlike any HTML site I’ve seen.
P.S. A peaceful, thoughtful and quiet Yom Kippur to all.

One thought on “Future of Content Management on the Web”

  1. Actually, if you’ve spent any time over at Wikipedia.org, you’d know that the site-platform is available for anyone who wants to use it, though I’m not so sure their software has the apparent extensibility of TiddlyWiki – javascript publishing – indeed?
    It’s probably mega-vulnerable to server attacks – you know, alter the URL with malevolent code, and the whole thing goes kablooey, and someone raids all of your content, spawning a feeder-site for *their* home pornography business…
    Just my own, random thoughts and elucidation on the possible downsides to such a deployment…

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