Funny W.

I don’t by any means desire to turn this weblog into an all-politics-all-the-time affair. However, it seems only fair that if the RNC is attacking the credibility of Mr. Kerry, with Mr. Kerry refusing to fight back, sites like are doing their small share with funny movies (broadband connection desirable):

  1. Bush On Tribal Sovereignty
  2. Daily Show “advanced copy” RNC ad
  3. Bush on Gynecology
  4. Michael Moore on the RNC Convention (I saw this one on TV and it further solidified Mr. Moore’s humble hilarity in my small mind)

PA, OH, and FL

I’m from Pennsylvania. I was born in Philadelphia and I have a heartfelt attachment to the state.
But I learned today that the Very Big Three for Mr. Kerry an Mr. Bush are the states Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. These are the states “up for grabs,” the states that don’t know what they want, the states that somehow can’t distinguish between a mandate for larger wars and economic uncertainty and a call for change in the way the rich seem to get richer.
What is the problem with these states? Is their ambivalence a sign of insecurity? Does these states’ political ambiguity signify a population of stupidity or perhaps noble defiance of preditability? Do these states represent the best or the worst of America and its supposed United States? And, finally, will the upcoming massive visits by both candidates to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida really matter when the rest of the states will be ignored for the next eight weeks?


I’m sorry to continue to focus on politics this week, but what else is there, really, right now?
I have some mutual funds at Citizens Funds and today received their Annual Report for 2004. Typically, these reports are fluffy nonsense about the power of investments over time, calls to “heed the course,” and half-apologies for funds performing poorly or not well enough.
This report is different and I’d like to quote President Sophia Collier’s “Letter from the President” in part:
Dear Shareholders,
My blood is boiling. As I watch oil flash to $49 per barrel and the stalling of hte most anemic economic recovery in my memory, I feel the urgent need for a change in national leadership. In the last three years our nation has lost 1.2 million jobs, the worst economic performance since Herbert Hoover presided over the start of the Great Depression.
It is time for persons of good will to rise up in a collective act of self-help and demand change in policies that are clearly not working…