iPod Sucks

I know that I’m not the only one without an iPod but the whole thing just gets sillier and sillier.
Besides the reasons that I enumerated earlier, Apple has come out with iPod Socks (U.S.) that allows a device owner to, well, put your iPod in a sock. Dumb.
And the iPod U2 Special Edition? Dumb and not even nicely designed with its black and red palette and laser-etched signatures on the back making U2, once original musicians, look like a bunch of clowns.

7 thoughts on “iPod Sucks”

  1. Andrew sucks.
    You’re just jealous. Either ßh!p† or get off the pot. It’s not your fault that Apple’s suddenly got insufferably hip and started branching out to trendy morons. But that should diminish the value and utility of the product. Punk rock did some pretty stupid things as well, but you still bought it.
    Consider it this way – these exotic new iPods will help to drive down the cost of the vanilla-flavored iPods. Do yourself a favor and buy one. Then you can stop complaining.

  2. It’s not that I don’t admire the iPod aesthetic nor its functionality. It’s just that, in addition to what I wrote earlier, Apple has gotten “insufferably hip” without actually increasing its actual market share of its excellent operating system, software, and hardware. Apple isn’t even profiting yet on its superb iTunes application! As a business strategy, Apple has failed and the iPod is a toy that lends itself to inanity and illegality. Will I buy one? Sure, one day when I’ve given up.

  3. And here I was hoping that you’d respond via e-mail… whatever.
    I HIGHLY recommend that you read the Audion™ fairwell narrative – a nice little story about being put out of work by Apple – you’ll laugh and you’ll cry, and probably come to the conclusion that AOL is the company that *really* screwed them, rather than Apple.
    See here: http://panic.com/extras/audionstory/
    As for the ‘portability’ of iPod and all the rest – I’ve got mine, and I enjoy it immensely, when I leave the house. I still look down my nose at the folks who are still sporting walkmans and discmans, as I wonder how ANYBODY would want to carry several hundred dollars worth of CDs on their person while the are commuting to- and from-work.
    Whatever. I’m still technologically superior. Besides, it doubles as a handy external drive…

  4. Aw, those socks are cute. I dug the “Vertigo” commercial all through the baseball playoffs, too!
    It’s clear, once I got my iPod mini (the sleek green number), I might as well have gotten on my knees before Mr. Jobs and his entire enterprise.

  5. How long have you got your Ipod?
    Any idea about the fact that the built-in ion battery has a life of about 500 recharge…
    You’re lucky if that piece of sh1t is still operationnal after 2 years… 560 CA$ for something like that, My 100 $ cd player never failed me after 7 years…

  6. I agree with TB the U2 ipods are as ugly as hell they make shit look good, but seriously many other HD mp3 players which sell for the same price or less, have much better designs and probably quality for example teh new H series of mp3 players from iRiver have so many more features than the iPod like voice recording, line-in recording, color screen, picture slideshow viewing, FM-Recording with timer and to me it looks way better than the crappy iPod.

  7. I agree what you wrote Andrew, but besides these tastes problems, what I regret most is the Apple’s marketing which will make you buy things you don’t really need. I used a sock long time before Apple decide to release an official sock.
    How fast they renew their models is an insult to people who buys it. Apple always set high prices on their products but at least they maintained them long time on the market, which was quite good for the user because of support, stability it provides. All these iPods generations is simply disgusting.
    I am now turning back to my first one, with the wheel. Less capacity, but no gadgets, and faster interface.

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