NNW 2.0

A short but salvating post about Ranchero Software’s new NetNewsWire application for Mac OS X. If you haven’t downloaded it and you read news, weblogs, digests, or other somesuch or somethings, you must try it.
The application, even in beta, works quickly, allows you to browse websites without opening Safari or Firefox, and has an integrated (if buggy) one-click subscription button. In other words, if you like a blog that you’re reading, one click of the “Subscribe” button in NetNewsWire and the appropriate RSS feed is bookmarked for your continual viewing pleasure. It even has that special three-paned interface that iTunes users know and love. Although it’s been out for a few months, congratulations to Ranchero. And thanks!

4 thoughts on “NNW 2.0”

  1. Brent,
    I’ve been using the previous (1.0.8) version but this one is much slicker. To answer your question, when I have multiple tabs open in the NNW browser, if I click on “Subscribe” on a tab previously visited, the last URL appears. For instance, if I’m looking at Zeldman.com in the NNW browser and then look Daring Fireball in the NNW browser and click “Subscribe,” the New Subscription lists “http://www.zeldman.com” and not what it should be: “http://www.daringfireball.net”.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. Frankly, it didn’t occur to me that when you click Subscribe the URL of the frontmost browser tab should be used.
    But it makes sense, and it’s an easy change to make. (Though I’ll probably make it so that if there’s a URL on the clipboard, that URL has precedence over the URL of the frontmost page.)

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