Not Horrible

Saturday Night Live is now a terribly turgid show and I barely can stay awake through the supposedly “juicy” first half hour of the thing anymore. The SNL Saturday Night Live” href=””>website
is crappy and, while Tina Fey is still beautiful, she’s no longer funny.
U2 was on last night and they gave a near-lip-synched rendition of the lead song off of their upcoming How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.
The only thing that caught my closing eye was during the Robert Smigel cartoon of George Bush demonstrating to an audience of the faithful how to convert gays into straights. The cartoon was not funny nor interesting. But there was a sign hanging up in the back of the cartooned Christian right audience that read “Everything is NOT Horrible.” I felt immediately that this captures much of the likely feeling of the red states. For many in the United States, everything is fine if not good if not very fine if not very good and the sheer worry of liberals was disheartening to them during this campaign. I understand this to a certain extent. Moral clarity can be filled with personal grace, no doubt, but I do wonder aloud about the possibility of a more national redemption when governed by those who prefer being “cheery.”

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  1. That U2 lp was leaked onto the intarweb at least 2 weeks ago.
    Amazon links seem a little, idunno… redundant at this point.
    I’m just sayin’ is all…

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