Merriam-Webster has declared that the most searched term on their site in 2004 is the word “blog.” The top ten list includes a word that I had not heard or read before: “peloton.”
What is the meaning of people looking up the meaning of the word “blog” online? Three possibilities:

  1. The word “blog” is so incredibly undescriptive that readers need to figure out its derivation, meaning or even pronunciation.
  2. Blogging is so popular these days (apparently there are now 4.8 million blogs) that newcomers to the word “blog” are curious.
  3. Bloggers, who are not always the most scrupulous group of folks in history, set up a program to carefully deluge the Merriam-Webster website with requests for the definition of the word “blog.”

2 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. By the way, I discovered an emerging slang: own3d
    When a website/forum and its member suffers the indignity of having suffered an attack, usually by one person.
    When something or someone gets fucked up, usually with prior notice and warnings.
    Pronounced:- Oun-duh

  2. There’s also ‘h4Xored’, ‘craptacular’ (and its archaic correspondent, ‘crapulous’) n00b, pr0n, and one of my favorites, ‘teh’.

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