It's Sunday

Today is Sunday and these are the scattered, boring thoughts going through the head of a generally unscattered individual. Sundays are somehow always filled with these kind of thoughts for me.

  • I must finish that educational website as soon as possible. It’s going to be very stylish and I just need time to get the many images properly composed, edited, placed, and styled. I need time. Why the hell am I wasting time writing this?
  • New Year’s is coming up and I actually don’t care. Or do I care? No, I don’t care.
  • Our closet is packed with cardboard boxes on top of cardboard boxes, and behind them is a vacuum cleaner that needs to be found so that cleaning can be done.
  • Tomorrow is Monday and I imagine now that my productivity then won’t be great.
  • I just received one of the new series of books that holds all of the early Peanuts comic strips. It should make me feel young or old.
  • We’re going to eat latkes tonight with our family and that will be nice and greasy.