Hardee's Heart

Seth Stevenson of Slate wrote a piece yesterday called Porn, Again – Another lewd, suggestive ad for meat. The series of Hardee’s ads, one of which shows a woman generously fisting her mouth, takes meat eating and meat advertising to a new low. In other heinous meat culture news, according to a editorial response by writer Eric Schlosser in this month’s Vanity Fair, J. Patrick Boyle, CEO of the American Meat Institute, said last September, “If I wake up to a Kerry administration, I wouldn’t know whether to update my resume or slit my wrists.”

5 thoughts on “Hardee's Heart”

  1. i own a dvd copy of the documentary, ‘PEACEABLE KINGDOM’… http://www.tribeofheart.com/pk.htm
    and from what i understand, victor owns a dvd burner… (you’re welcome, victor, for my volunteering of you :))
    if anyone has the strength. i haven’t been able to get through the whole thing yet, it’s so utterly a descent into hell, but oh how important. cause if anything is asked of us, anything at all, isn’t it about having the courage to find ourselves within others, having the courage to bear witness?

  2. Hmmm… ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ actually sounds like a film that may be up Ravi’s alley, but those ads sound like “Ick!”
    Funny thing how a ‘moral’, Red-state voting society like ours can produce pandering stuff like that.
    But Andy SHOULD have the same media-capabilities as I, AND he’s in the Metropolitan area. Maybe some New Yorkers need to get together for some Indian food, while MacTheRipper works its magic …

  3. C. This looks positively fascinating. I don’t think I could watch it, though. I just don’t know anymore if my stomach can handle this kind of information anymore. Weak? Yes, and I honor anyone that can watch this or any other documentary about the human travesty committed upon animalia.

  4. yeah, i understand. i can’t watch it either. how can you sit back and watch a chicken whose eyes positively bleed mercy and whose spirit is the mirror of your own being de-beaked without anaesthesia? ditto for the pigs whose tails are being severed, the cows who are being castrated, the millions of chicks who are literally THROWN AWAY ALIVE every year because they’re born the wrong sex…
    but what’s the price of not watching… what’s the price. c
    ps victor, nice weaseling out of making the copies. what’d you mean by ‘pandering stuff?’ i didn’t get the whole red-state society thing.

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