Non-Literary Literacy

It was a weekend spent mostly inside, except for tonight when we ventured into the cold yonder to have dinner at a friends home about 18 blocks away. Boy, was it cold but it felt fine.
Being indoors and having time to explore new sites led me to the new PBS Kids Go! site which features a large section called Advertising Tricks. It’s pure media training for young kids, with interactive features like “Create Your Own Ads” and “Design a Cereal Box.” It’s impressive that, with the government now funding public relations for its political programming, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is funded by taxpayers, has seeded this smart educational enterprise. I hope it lasts and I say that not cynically but with real hope that the site has both legs and feet. Hey kids, the perfect burger for the camera lens is made with brown food coloring, Superglue, and glycerin!

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