The Individual

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why our great and powerful Government has lately turned to the insane, inane and profane for its legislative activities. Today, a Sunday, the Senate passed legislation that will keep a poor, completely damaged woman on life support. This is what Republicans mean by pro-life? A few days earlier, our vaunted Government found it very important to bring some of baseball’s most celebrated athletes to a select House committee to learn about steroid use among this self-selected group of wealthy individuals. And a few days before that the President decided to slap a bunch of multi-lateralists in the face with his selection of Paul Wolfowitz for leader of the World Bank and John Bolton to “help” the United Nations.
It’s as if our Government has decided to redefine the words “millions” and “billions” as being applicable to money and not to populations.

One thought on “The Individual”

  1. Haven’t you ever watched any Elmer Fudd cartoons, Andy? The answer to your befuddlement over these nominally ‘Conservative’ excercises is plain to me: Because it’s huntin’ season.
    I ought to forward that catch-all to Maureen Dowd.
    They’re doing this sheyat because they can, and because it gives their radical wing-nut constituencies something to cheer about.
    This is the only communication you will receive from me on this topic.

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