The Art Bureau Opens

I’m proud to announce that The Art Bureau was (soft) launched on Saturday, April 9, 2005. We’ve been getting some traffic and a bit of buzz here and there but mostly, it’s been a total joy to see this site come up from nothing.
In case you’re interested, here’s the scoop: In 2004, photographer Jennifer Fiore and I determined that what the world really needs is a unique royalty-free collection of stock photography. We were so exhausted at looking at the same ads, bookcovers, trade mags, and websites which use stock images of a boy in horn-rim glasses smiling into a telephone or a busy mother cooking while holding her child or beach sunsets with too-large suns, etc. So we put our skills together, worked with a great programmer and coder, and built (the first) Web standards based royalty free online stock agency.
I’ll spare you the rest but if you think your work would fit at The Art Bureau, please let us know. Oh, and if you have any problems, comments, or recommendations for the site, please let us know that, too.

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