The good folks at 37 Signals have come up with another very interesting new web-based organizational application called Backpack. It would be great to have an online, sharable, nicely designed, and fast web-based tool to gather notes, ideas, photos, and to-dos together but, let me be one of the few to say: it’s lame.
Here’s why:

  • Backpack, for the father-me, is best known as Dora the Explorer’s expedition friend who helps her find navigate the territories of the world.
  • Backpack is basically a rehashed, genetically re-engineered Basecamp mixed up with Tadalist, both properties of 37 signals.
  • Backpack is too smart for the average Joe and too dumb for the average Geek.
  • Backpacks typically rot, get all beat up, and smell. I wouldn’t want my backpack, filled with old Kleenex, wet matches, and dirty socks to be shared with anyone.

Having said all that, I do love the 37 signals blog.

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