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After not a lot of trial and tribulation but a lot of ridiculous time-wasting in deleting ridiculous amounts of comment spam from Deckchairs, I found the perfect solution for me: Disable all Commenting!
It turns out to be quite wonderful solution in my case. Deckchairs, as you’ll see from the image above, is technically “A monologue on art, technology, history &c.” It’s been named that since October 2001. And it continues to be and should be a monologue. Other people’s comments, in particular that of V.S., H.W., D.B., and C.K., have been alternately provocative, brilliant, helpful, thoughtful, clarifying and inane but, for now, there’s no more commenting on Deckchairs.
Here’s the logic:

  1. No commenting means spammers can’t waste my time pasting garbage on my precious blog.
  2. No commenting means that I’m more than ever responsible for content, putting more pressure on me to write better and more regular posts.
  3. No commenting means that I feel personally liberated from the daily dread of wondering who is commenting, why no one is commenting, and why I even have commenting on the site.
  4. Really good writers, like those listed above, are focusing on a new blog called The spelling is horrendously cool and I hope to even post something on it soon.

My sincere apologies to all those who have posted invaluable information to the site, only to see it placed in archive heaven. If you would like me to pull out any specific comments to specific posts, please email me and I’ll blockquote your comment within the main post.
Even more unsavory changes are afoot!

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