The Power of Nightmares

My friend V.S. sent to me a few months ago the bone-chilling BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares. This link will take you to a small version and a BitTorrent file of the documentary, which is in three parts.
I’ve only seen two so far, but the documentary brilliantly makes the case that the neo-cons and the sleazy men of Al Qaeda formed out of the political liberation and economic reconditioning of the 1950s in the U.S. Two male intellectuals, Sayyed Qutb and Leo Strauss, end up changing the face of the planet because of their overwhelming desire to form minds out of ideas and provide fantastic logic to their populations.
See it. While it’s conspiratorial edge is sharp, it will help explain the illegitimacy of Clinton’s supposed downfall, the rise of anti-Soviet policy which was based on America’s own propaganda, the political use of terrorism to control minds and hearts, and the odd juxtaposition of Jewish intellectuals sucked into the desires of evangelical Christians.
Big BTW: What ever happened to the terrorism alerts that Homeland Security used to issue regularly in 2004, before the election? Did we all forget? Did the media forget to remind us that there have been (I believe) no new alerts since November 2?

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