Packing It Up, Getting It Out

I’ve been so extremely busy packing up our home for the movers to come in a few weeks time.
Got rid of books I didn’t need. See previous post. Got rid of some paintings. See heartache. Got rid of a bunch of files and folders that haven’t seen the light of day in over 10 years. See recycling containers burst.
Getting rid of a old software, old hardware, lots of kids clothes, and a mirror or two that probably won’t make the 1,500 mile trip. Got boxes from around the neighborhood, much thanks to Fresh Direct who make the perfect size small moving box.
Getting cold feet. Getting to say goodbye to some friends and family. Getting out a bit more only to know that I’ll be getting out less soon. Getting a lot of telemarketing calls lately. Don’t know why. Getting up early, getting to bed late, not getting enough work done, getting nostalgia for Coney Island, Gothamist, Prospect Park, a few museums and galleries, Time Warner Cable, the MTA (here’s a cool related link from Kottke), the Major Deegan, the Coastal Evacuation signs, getting lost in thoughts, getting gone.
Getting better and getting sad.