I’m sitting here writing while watching the Wall Street Journal Editorial Report on Prairie Public Television. Paul Gigot and three similarly aged white men have now articulated, a few times, that it could have been a lot worse for the White House today because Mr. Rove was not indicated (though Mr. Libby was).
“On the other big story of the week, the news was not good, but not disastrous. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald decided not to seek an indictment of the President’s top aide, Karl Rove, in connection with the leak of a CIA officer’s identity. True, an indictment did come down against Vice-President Cheney’s aide, Scooter Libby. But that was not the political blow an indictment of Rove would have been.” “I’m guessing that Rove is in the clear.” “It could have been a lot worse for President Bush.” “This is not, what it comes down to it, an accusation of a major cover-up.” “There are obvious weaknesses in the White House operation, and I think they need to be addressed.”
These men, to a one, look like a league of rats on a ship that sprung a leak at sea that is without life buoys and without a connection to a media which smells blood and wants some meat.