br = break

I read the recent post by Veen about the pathetic impossibility of visiting the new Banana Republic website on Apple’s Safari browser. Amazingly, some company got paid much money to make a broken website for a large multi-national. I wanted to comment on Veen’s post but he had, alas, turned comments off. Here was mine, for the (or my) record:

This all brings up something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Back in the baby days of the Web, some good soul kept track of which sites were designed by which companies, agencies, or individuals. It was a way to check in on the competition, look for good work and possibly good employers, and generally get a sense of what was being done (and how) on the Web. It would be great to know what boneheaded firm was paid good money to create a website that not only excludes paying visitors but makes claims to standards compliance and lies. This isn’t really a request for “outing” as it is to keep the Web development business open and transparent as possible.