Password Managers.

Like a lot of other Web designers and developers, I have a need for storing, managing and maintaining a lot of passwords. These belong to websites, accounts, applications, file transfer protocol (FTP), and email accounts. Keeping all of these passwords in a secure, organized, encrypted and sound place is a chore. It takes up a constant and consistent bit of work, a careful eye for record-keeping and accuracy, and a whole lot of worry that the information will not get into some schmuck’s hands.
Here’s an analogy: You’re a lawyer responsible for keeping hundreds of individual wills for hundreds of families. They are relying upon you to make sure that their information is kept secure, just in case they need it. And someday, they will. You have to keep these wills organized and up-to-date but you also have to ensure that the wills will not burn up if your office goes down. Sure, it’s possible that the familiies have copies of those wills in their homes but it’s more than likely that their wills are sitting in an envelope beneath another envelope and they just expect their lawyer to have their stuff, always. Always.
For security reasons, I won’t go into which password manager (or managers) I use but I thought I’d just compile a quick list of the better ones offered for OS X. Waterfall Software’s Wallet is an improved and serious entry in this busy but tiny market. Koingo Software’s Password Retriever and Web Confidential are the old granddads of the field with versions in the 5 and 3 order, respectively. Yojimbo is a multi-purpose information manager that has a dedicated password keeper. There are also a number of contenders, like RadicalSafe and Information Graphic’s Secret Book.
None of these are very expensive.
[Disclaimer: I’m not a lawywer. I don’t advocate for any of these applications and I don’t vouche for their quality, security, encryption, or their customer support. The above is my opinion only and I take no responsibility for anyone trying any of these applications at any time.]