Stormy Weather.

I’ve been idly sitting by my computer reading the political headlines, and ooooh, it’s going to be a messy week, and not for the weak. There’s nothing scary or particularly new in any of this; it all could have been easily predicted (and was) by my more conspiratorial friends. What is a bit frightening is that Mr. Bush and team, like cornered wolves, may try to do something truly nutty—declare war, declare martial law, resign, or worse.
IMF acts to avoid markets meltdown
CIA leak probe looks at Cheney writings
Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators
NSA Whistleblower To Expose More Unlawful Activity: People Are Going To Be Shocked
Granted, the parallels are extreme: The Bartlet Administration Comes to a Close.
Postscript: I was wrong, completely wrong.