I’m feeling a bit under the weather. But there’s a certain pessimistic clarity that comes with feeling crappy. There are quite a few shams out there these days:

  1. Yesterday, Steven Hawkings announed in Hong Kong that earth could end pretty soon and that we had all better figure out a way to go to Mars. I’m a bit of a doomsayer myself, but come on. Mr. Hawkings is not only making the dire predictions of the anxious class but his call to arms is weak in both theory and practice. How will we get to Mars when we can’t even figure out (e.g. allocate enough resources) how to cure AIDS?
  2. Increasingly, I see lots of talk about organic food, organic food, organic food. Even Wal-Mart is saying they’re going to get in on the game. I’m a bit of an organic food lover myself, but come on. Do people really believe that processed, industrial organic food is better than processed, industrial regular food? Animals have been eating for about, oh 200 million years or so. I’m thinking that taste will continue to regulate our health.
  3. A designer blog recently redesigned: Design Observer. It went from a relatively interesting, relatively well-designed blog about design to a relatively interesting, relatively well-designed blog about design. I’m a bit of designer myself, but come on. It’s amazing that the good intentions of a group of designers can produce something so average. Some other designers, on a somewhat better design blog, further discuss the redesign of the design of Design Observer>.
  4. I purchased a really nice soup mix today. It contains locally grown lentils and other dried vegetables. The recipe on the packaging calls for adding fresh vegetables to the mix and that, with just plain old water, you get a spanking good soup. I’m a bit of a soup admirer, but come on. The recipe should have called for stock. Well, the soup is bland and I’m taking the heat.

Having said all of that, the universe is expanding gorgeously, the world is spinning magic.