Photography, It's Nice.

For the past five years or so, there seems to have been (in my mind) a real dearth of good photography out there. Most of it was either very derivative of documentary photographers or it simply mocked photography in the 1990s. Boring.
Lately, it seems that there are quite a few artist photographers out there doing some beautiful and complicated work. Here’s a little list:
Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs, a photo blog filled with his heavily color manipulated images. I love his more “realistic” images, like the one of conservative writer Andrew Sullivan and this one of a gorgeous Eva.
Weird (but not too much) portraits by Noah Sheldon. They feel heavily de-masculinized as well, castrated to their core and gorgeous.
I may have noted her before, but I love the work of Rachel Papo and her website Serial No. 3817131. These are some of the most haunting, mezmerizing photos of Jewish women I’ve ever seen.
Old pal Jake Dobkin has been working away on some amazing photos of street art on his Streetsy. Jake’s got 50 fine pages of photography, each one richer than the next. His photography has been a real collaboration between himself and those who decorate the street. It’s asychronous aesthetic collectivism built on top of new technologies. Thanks, Jake.