I turned forty yesterday.
Everyone I know has an opinion about turning 40, which seems to be a critical year in the life of a modern human being. In their responsivness to the issue of turning 40, there seem to be three main groups of people:

  1. Those who say “It’s just a number.”
  2. Those who say “You look great for your age.”
  3. Those who say “It’s better than the alternative.”

Here’s the thing: they’re all right. And I’m feeling alright.
My wife treated me to a wonderfully relaxing, enjoyable and thoroughly memorable weekend. No surprise parties, no question-and-answer periods, no pressures. Just the joy of knowing that I was loved and that I’m an extremely fortunate individual. I counted blessings all weekend. Here are forty of the more publishable ones:

  1. Being alive.
  2. Being known.
  3. Being healthy.
  4. Being wealthy.
  5. Being wise.
  6. Being a father.
  7. Being a husband.
  8. Being self-employed.
  9. Being awake.
  10. Being Jewish.
  11. Being wordly.
  12. Being on earth.
  13. Being honest.
  14. Being trustworthy.
  15. Being sane.
  16. Being of medium build.
  17. Being technical.
  18. Being productive.
  19. Being in Canada.
  20. Being able to read.
  21. Being able to write.
  22. Being able to think.
  23. Being able to create.
  24. Being able to own.
  25. Being able to fight.
  26. Being able to form.
  27. Being able to fantasize.
  28. Being able to run.
  29. Being able to rest.
  30. Being able to rat.
  31. Being able to spent.
  32. Being able to save.
  33. Being able to decide.
  34. Being able to be wrong.
  35. Being able to resist.
  36. Being able to recognize.
  37. Being able to realize.
  38. Being able to blog.
  39. Being able to bleed.
  40. Being able to ride.