Applications in Need of Applications.

I’ve been really busy with a few smaller projects at work. It’s been great, actually. But I’ve also been thinking about a bunch of technology tools that have been really fun playing with. I don’t know why I’m fascinated with these things and I’m trying to find a good, productive use for them, but, for what it’s worth, here are they are:
Mindjet came out last week with its latest version of MindManager for Mac. It’s a sweet little application that allows one to draw out sophisticated maps of text and images with little stress and strain.
VoodooPad by Flying Meat is a fantastic little Mac desktop Wiki that gets more TLC from its developer than almost any other application out there. The latest version, out today, gives the user the ability to see preview a page just by hovering over a link and holding down two keys.
Then there’s NetNewsWire, the RSS reader created and generously managed by the folks at NewsGator. I’ve tried other RSS readers and this is the best. One very sweet little feature in the new 3.0 version is a mini-screenshot of selected feeds; this is something I’ve long thought should be part of every browsing experience and which can be found in the most recent versions of Opera. [Note: of all of the applications listed, this one is the most readily applicable and I’m including it here because I can.]
Oh, and the really nifty new kid on the block is the unlikely titled Mental Case. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it does. It’s nice and dark gray, though, and the buttons and transitions are nice.