Humble Arts.

Not only is this a beautifully designed site, but my friend, J.F., is in the recent Group Show, Number 19 in the series.
Looking through this site makes me very glad that people are continuing to curate art exhibitions online. Way back in 1997 (wow, 10 years ago!), I started The Site at MANOVERBOARD. (It used to be housed at the .com domain and is now at the .net one.) I’ve promised myself that I will update The Site someday but a sugar daddy would be of assistance. The site went through many, many versions. Nearly every page was designed and built by me. And I continue to stand by every single decision I made in featuring artists on The Site. Included were Jason Kottke, Ruth Root, Lynn Talbot, Melissa Gould, and Zbigniew LIbera.
Over the period of a little over five years, the site featured over 35 artists. At one point, probably in 2000 or so, I actually thought that I might be able to sell The Site to an investor or venture capitalist. The market for online properties was so hot. The Site, in my estimation, was worth approximately $500,000 back then.