Network Solusucks.

A pretty big story hit the tech world yesterday that Network Solutions, which provides some of the worst network solutions in the industry, is squatting on domain names after you search for them. In this way, you have the purchase the domain name from them instead of going to another, cheaper, or better registrar.
I tested it out to see it first hand. First, I went to Network Solutions, and I looked up the domain name “” – the site gave me a “Congratulations!” and then I opened up a new tab in my browser. I then went to (a large competitor to Network Solutions) and typed in the domain “” and, guess what? It’s taken! Amazing, no?
Just to be sure, I looked up “” on first. Available! Cool! Then, I typed in “” at Network Solutions. More “Congratulations!” I went to Dotster, a smaller competitor and looked up “” and, guess what? It’s taken. And I can “make an offer” on the domain.