I just watched, out of the corner of my eye, the President of the United States, give an address to Congress. Supposedly, it was a “State of the Union” but I didn’t hear any statesmanship. Instead, the President made references to his accomplishments; it was a sordid attempt to ensure his historical place, despite everything. Here are some questions:
1. Why is Mr. Bush signing autographs to members of Congress on his way out the door? Can’t Congresspeople get signatures from the President pretty much any day of the week? Is his signature worth much on eBay these days?
2. Why do Republicans like Mitt Romney need to praise the current President? Has he really done anything for them in terms of assisting their political strategy, helping their candidacy, or lending legitimacy to the party?
3. Is the economy really okay? It’s so hard to tell who is telling the truth, who is speaking lies, who knows nothing but looks knowledgeable, and who knows lots but needs votes.