Democrats Abroad.

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After getting voter registration help from Democrats Abroad, the overseas branch of the Democratic Party, I felt compelled to send the Democrats some money. I hadn’t done it before, out of sheer laziness or sheepishness, but I’m convinced that now is the time. Democrats everywhere (and democrats everywhere) need to ensure that the world is guided by intelligent, educated, and caring individuals in the White House. As the New Yorker made it abundantly clear this week, this election will probably do more to decide the future of world affairs than any other election in my lifetime. If it goes one way, there is a chance that global warming, economic friction, and systemic issues will be addressed. If it goes another way, there is an even better chance that more conflict, more indiscretion, and more global anxiety will result.
I encourage all fair Democrats abroad to donate; it’s the least we can do, having grown up in the United States of America, under the aegis of relative peace and prosperity, despite the country’s many faults. Many of us said that 2004 could not happen again. It can again, but it mustn’t.