Bye GM.

In the same way that I’m surprised Obama made it to the presidency, I’m amazed that General Motors has failed. (Kottke has absolutely the best series of articles in one place on the history and logic of GM’s failure.) But I’m beginning to think that, since the war in Iraq, almost nothing shocks America. To wit:
US debt stands at $11,387,277,099,643.96. That’s a lot of money.
Almost 2,500 people die or are missing after Hurricane Katrina. Cost was $90 billion.
Nearly 50 million people do not have health insurance. Even Obama balks.
North Korea launches missiles and tests nukes. The U.N. is unhappy.
Microsoft launches yet another new search tool. It’s called ‘Bing’ because of no reason.
Trillions of dollars are erased over the period of a year or so. I continue to invest in mutual funds.